by Melodie Schroeder

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by Melodie Schroeder

A Flirts session is all about beautiful, timeless,   YOU.

For YOU: A boudoir session can be intimidating and scary, but it is a gift that allows you to see yourself through someone else's eyes, rebuilds your confidence and leaves you feeling beautiful and empowered from head to toe!  We know that being photographed in such an intimate, vulnerable state is not easy, at least not at first, but we've got you covered!

  First - We set up a pre-session consult to help "break the ice" and calm the nerves a bit while planning out your session, wardrobe pieces, hair & make-up and hearing about any ideas you may want to include!  Then when you arrive for your session, be prepared to be pampered while we enhance your natural beauty over girl talk and refreshments and before you know it, your nerves will settle, you'll be laughing and having a great time! 

For US: As women ourselves, this is so inwardly and incredibly rewarding for us , helping another woman see herself for how beautiful she really is and the empowerment she gets in return is truly priceless.

We want to spoil you, bring out your sparkle and see you light up when you see yourself the way you should see yourself! 

Warning!! Nearly every woman has said they can't wait to do it all over again! 

Have a theme in mind? Let us stylize your session for you! Whether it's leather & lace, a little naughty & nice, a birthday celebration with cake & champagne or pearls, fur & ?,   there are endless possibilities! 

You may have a Flirts session in mind as a gift for your spouse or significant other but truly, this will be a gift for you both, one that captures your inner goddess, and let's you....

Be Your Own kind of Beautiful

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